Physicians File Case against Diet Guru Pierre Dukan

Pierre-DukanIt has been revealed in a recent report that French diet guru Dr. Pierre Dukan has been facing ethics hearing for a breach of medical guidelines.

As per the findings of the report, the French College of Physicians had filed a complaint against him, which has caused him to face the hearings. Dr. Dukan was alleged of misguiding teenagers with his remarks.

The report has found that he had advised 17-year-old children to stay within the recommended guidelines of weight. It was being said by the pundit that the same would be helpful for them to pass the Baccalaureate exam’s anti-obesity option. He had suggested that the Baccalaureate exam, the French equivalent of A-levels that was to be conducted in France should include an option of anti-obesity.

And as per the team from the French College, his advice could harm those, especially girls, who are already suffering from anorexia or obesity. A controversy had also arisen over the issue, says the report. Additionally, he was previously also defeated in a case when the Dukan diet was announced as highly dangerous by one of his fellow nutritionists.

It is being said that his diet that suggests avoiding starch and carbohydrates, is followed by many celebrities. Also, the high-protein diet that he recommends is followed by a long list of celebrities, including Kate, her sister Pippa Middelton, Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez.

Though, his diet books are best selling in the market. He has been alleged by the team of neglecting medicine as well as breaching a part of medicine code. As per the code, it is an offence to practice medicine as business. It is being said that Dr. Dukan could face any punishment ranging from a mere warning to being struck off the medical register.