BMW to Recall Over 1.3 Million Cars Worldwide

BMW to Recall Over 1.3 Million Cars WorldwideThe German auto car maker which is known for its precise technology put in the making of cars, is recalling over 1.3 million cars sold from the year of 2003 onwards up till 2010. The affected cars being recalled are 5 series and 6 series BMWs.

The reason for this recall is being termed as incorrect installation of battery cable covering in the trunk. The defect although very minute and rare could prevent the car from starting and in extreme cases could lead to a fire. Although the company hasn’t received any report of such incidents, it is taking all the precautionary steps to make sure that it stays that way. There is nothing much to worry about as the company has assured that all the defected cars repair would be handled properly.

The company would be notifying all the owners of the cars via letter and it would take just 30 minutes for the repairs. There are over 290,000 cars in Germany which are speculated to be defected with the number going to 1.3 million worldwide.

The recall includes all 5 and 6 Series models built from March 2003 to September 2010 like BMW 5 Series Sedans, BMW M5 Sedans, BMW M5 Touring models, BMW 6 Series Coupes and Convertibles as well as BMW M6 Coupes and Convertibles.