Listening To Music While Undergoing Surgery Reduces Anxiety

SurgeryMusic has been always seen as a soothing agent for people under stress. Most of the people just turn to simple musical tunes, whenever they feel sad or even utterly happy. It is an integral part of each and every person’s lifestyle. But if a research is to be believed then, music also has another advantage up its sleeves. Playing music to patients undergoing surgery tends to reduce their anxiety and could even improve healing process.

Many patients who remain awake during the surgery but under a local anesthetic can tremendously feel at ease and reduce their fear just by listening to calm music and chart classics. These findings are a part of the research conducted by the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

They observed nearly 100 patients who were meant to undergo plastic surgery for trauma to their bodies. They divided them into two separate groups. The first group was made to listen to calm music while their surgery was undergoing, whereas other group just has the usual operation theatre environment.

The Anxiety levels of patients were measured before and after the operation through their respiratory levels and even asking the patients themselves to rate using an established scale. The results that aroused from this research showed that the group of patients that was made to listen to music has a reduction of almost 30% on anxiety levels with an average of 11 breaths per minute as compared to 13 breaths per minute in the other group.

This is one of a kind of research which highlights the effects of music in our lives with a different prospective. Undergoing surgery is usually very stressful for patients and music can surely help them feel calmer.