First awake brain surgery in Abu Dhabi hospital

Being the first of its kind a multi-disciplinary team at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) recently performed a awake open brain surgery in the Gulf.

The Emirates news agency (WAM) reported, the surgery was intended to remove a tumour from the brain located near the cells responsible for vocalisation and speech.

Dr Maher Mansour, Consultant Neurosurgeon, who performed the state-of-the-art surgery, said, "The surgery for this 38-year-old patient was conditioned by the risk of a post-operative effect called aphasia, or the inability to speak. For that reason, it was indicated to do this procedure with the patient awake, in order to assess him while we do electrical stimulation on the region we wanted to remove, ensuring that no cells from the normal brain is removed."

The tumor was removed completely according to the post-operative images of the patient's brain and the brain was under normal pressure.

Doctors at SKMC said that they had the specific technology for this kind of procedure and having successfully done it once they wanted to like to do it again if needed.