Illicit Drug Policies Facing Fire in Canada

DrugThe chief medical officers in Canada have recently raised questions over the current illicit drug policies. The officers have said that the policies are not effective in reducing the usage of illicit drugs in the regions and therefore changes should be made.

The officers have asked to introduce tougher regulations and taxations to curb the growing menace of illicit drugs. It has come to light that the Federal Government is gearing to locate budget to fund the Bill C-10, in which mandatory minimum sentences for minor drug offences is included.

Nova Scotia's chief medical health officer Dr. Robert Strang said that government is failing in its approach to reduce the use of illicit drugs. While emphasizing over the need to bring regulation and taxation, Dr. Robert Strang said: “For the last decade, Portugal has decriminalized all drug use and they have some of the lowest rates of drug use”.

The officers noted that imprisonment is not an effective way of lowering the number of illegal drug usage. They said that imprisonment only leads to higher cases of HIV and increased the problems of gun violence. It has been recommended that alcohol and marijuana should be heavily taxed so that people could be discouraged from buying them.