HBO, Comcast Integration Irks Xbox Live Subscribers

Xbox-LiveXbox Live subscribers had a tight time recently as they struggled to view their favorite shows through HBO GO®, which is an online entertainment service for Xbox 360. It would allow users to access to over 1,400 titles, which include every single episode of the best shows ever seen on HBO. All those who are subscribed customers through a participating television provider would not have to pay any additional cost.

As many as three applications in the name of Comcast XFINITY TV, HBO GO and MLB. TV, all with Kinect integration, were made available for Xbox LIVE Gold members. But, it was quite a hard time for the users to actually access to the services.

The launch of HBO GO on Xbox 360 was being seen a significant move as it would make the company to get access to large number of users, but the juggle the users had to make to access it was worth worrying.

Even Comcast’s Xfinity service could not prove out to be worthy for those who had actually paid for the same. The worst part is that even the support reps could not give any concrete answer for the troubles customers were experiencing.