BC's Anesthesiologists to Withdraw Services

AnesthesiologistsAs per reports, it has been revealed that ongoing contact dispute between British Columbia’s anesthesiologists and hospitals have heated up. This has made more than half of the anesthesiologists to decide that they will stop providing their services from next week.

Dr. Jeff Rains, of the BC Anesthesiologists' Society, said that the government is trying to portray them in negative light, as when services will be reduced then patients will be put in waiting list, which will make them patients angry on them. However, it is important for the government to take steps to resave the ongoing controversy.

Health Minister Mike de Jong is against the decision of the association. He further affirmed that it is not ethically correct to ask patients, who visit hospital that they cannot be confirmed about their surgeries. However, they have informed the 3,200 patients, who have been waiting to get their surgeries done about the association decision.

British Columbia’s health regulators have warned anesthesiologists that if they can lose their jobs in hospitals and can even face legal action. The letter sent to anesthesiologists further read, “May seek injunctive relief as well as damages against you personally for any costs and expenses”. Till now, no end date for the service withdrawal has been announced by the association.