Dell Exits the US Smartphone Industry

DellAccording to sources, it has been revealed that Dell failed to hit the US smartphone supermarket. The product was not able to gain applauds from the US smartphone industry; it was unable to popularize itself and make a position amongst the other competitors.

The consequences are that the company has decided, rather, announced that it will no longer be a part of the US Smartphone industry; it will withdraw itself from the industry. Moreover, the company has ceased the sale of the Venue Pro and Venue across US and has not provided with any information yet regarding its replacements.

The reason stated for the discontinuity of the product was termed that it has shorter lifespan in comparison to laptops and desktops.

However, the company is still selling the Venue Pro version successfully in India. Moreover, the Venue version is still sold in South Korea; it still offers a Streak smartphone in Japan and China.

However, the company has even declared that it will be launching more mobile products in the US market by the end of this year.

However, till now it not known whether the company will even include smartphones in the launch. Moreover, it is not even sure that the next product might be a tablet.