Induction Comes Under Scanner

AustraliaIn a recent study conducted by the researchers of Australia, it has been found that inductions cause health complication in women because of which they are required to go through caesarean sections for delivering a baby.

It has been informed that the rate of induction in Australia has increase manifold. In 1919, about 19.5% cases of induction cases were registered which has now gone up by reaching 25%. The Australian researchers looked at
28,000 births.

During the analysis, the researchers found that induction increase the chances of a woman of going through cesarean by sections by 70%. Besides, babies thus born were also in need of specialized care, which means that induction leaves adverse effect over the health of mum and infants.

Dr. Rosalie Grivell from Robinson Institute was reported as saying, "The main concern we would have is exposing women to an increased risk of a caesarean section. That has implications for their health and the health of future babies”.

The researchers are hopeful that the findings would help in raising the awareness of the people about the harmful effects of induction over the health of a woman and child. The researchers have further noted that induction should be avoided when there is no visible harm to the health of mum and the infant.

The findings of the study have caught criticism as a large number of medical professionals have complained that the findings of the research are based on tall reasoning rather than on scientific evidence.

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has asked the women not to get alarmed by the findings. Further studies would be conducted in the coming time so that a concrete conclusion could be drawn.