World Autism Awareness Month Instigates Awareness

AutismWhile there is no doubt that of lately, autism has become a contentious issue for countries across the world, and awareness about the same is always called for by one and all. With April being celebrated as World Autism Awareness Month, it was told that a walk in the name of The Big Autism Thing would be started this Saturday along the coastline from Durban to Cape Town.

The walk would signify that there is need for people to know a lot about autism spectrum disorders and the need of raising funds for the same so that lives of those who are at the suffering end are being saved.

This Saturday at 9am, the walk for 2100km journey would be started with six walkers. One of the volunteers is a 19-year-old Durban woman Melissa Naude who has been battling with Asperger’s syndrome (a form of autism), who just wants to make it loud and clear that there is dire need to escalate the level of awareness about the disease which affects one in every hundred Australians.

All those who are some or the other way connected with the victims of the disease are being called to participate in the walk from the Snake Park to Ushaka Marine World and back on order to show their support to the cause.

“With 300000 people in South Africa who are on the spectrum, we are using this opportunity to ensure greater awareness is created about this often misunderstood disability”, said Action in Autism chairperson Liza Aziz, who clarified that World Autism Awareness Day is on April 2.

The neurodevelopmental disorder makes one suffer from impaired social interaction, which further makes them difficult to communicate with others. All the funds raised would be injected in the Association for Autism, Charity-on-the-Go, De Grendel Homes, ‘Autism Eastern Cape’, ‘Academy for Adults with Autism ‘(WC) and ‘Action in Autism’ (KZN).