PCT Ignores Calls to Implement Performance Test of EU Doctors

Daniel-UbaniThere have been many concerns raised about the language skills and qualifications of some doctors who trained in the EU like the peculiar case of Daniel Ubani. After this incident surfaced, the ministers were forced to take some serious action to make sure they are not embarrassed any further.

There was also a Pulse investigation that gave some shocking revelations causing a national stir. They released some figures that were really disheartening stating that there are just a quarter of EU doctors registered as GPs in the UK that have undergone testing for language skills. What was more worrisome was that the figure was just 17% for those with clinical competence.

The Primary care trusts has been largely found guilty of ignoring such important issue. There have many undertakings by the government as well as GMC to make it mandatory to test EU doctors' clinical competence and language skills, but all have fell to the deaf ears of the trusts.

The findings has worried the British Medical Association’s GP committee according to whom the primary care trusts have had a lot of difficulties in tackling and fulfilling their role. The data that was available with PCT showed that only 25 EU doctors had been checked since October 2010. Although no come failed the test but the number is really poor as compared to the total number of GPs in EU.

Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, a negotiator for the BMA's GP committee stated, “Even after adverse events in recent years, PCT have not been able to implement performance tests. It does worry me that in this massive reorganization of the NHS, the PCTs have struggled to carry out their statutory functions”.

It is time that PCT get their act together and start implementing the performance test in order to make sure the reforms are in place.