Transplant Fluid Might Be Contaminated

organsIt has been recently revealed in a report that the fluid used for storing the transplant organs, might be contaminated. It is called the Vaspian fluid and there is now need to for thorough analysis of all the Vaspian fluid being used, because they might be the reason for causing a lot of infection to people.

There were tests done in last July which had revealed that the fluid was contaminated and now the manufacturer of Vaspian, Bristol Myers Squibb, has recalled it as a precaution.

It was on the 19th of March last year that the problem was first detected at a manufacturing place situated in Austria. They had found the fluid to be contaminated and unfit for use. It was further notified to the MHRA. This advice was further given to the surgeons and transplant centres.

The problem was that there is no available alternative for Vaspian. Al there could be doe, was an antibiotic prescribed to patients, as a part of precaution. Evidence for the contamination of Vaspian hasn’t been found as well. There haven’t been any adverse effects suffered by patients, so far, and this is the reason that it cannot be completely deemed as banned.

However the firm has recalled the fluid as a part of precaution and tests are now going to be conducted to find out the truth about the same. If it is really found to be contaminated, there shall be steps taken for correcting the same.

“They believe, potentially, that the issue is a faulty pressure gauge on the production line that's been found to have a small leak. An urgent investigation is being carried out and everything is being tested”, said a spokesperson from the firm.