Preventive Measures to Cut Short the Risk of Cancer; A Must To Follow

CancerCancer, the disease that has turned out to be the biggest cause of worry across the globe, has something that is unpredictable. No one knows who will develop a cure for it and when.

However, there are certain measures that can be deployed to prevent the influence of this disease. Although, genetic factors and environment are major reasons due to which cancer is caused, still one can be cautious to be safe.

According to a team of researchers, 35% of all cancer types can be prevented by being active. They asserted that by being precautionary while choosing a lifestyle can make up with many differences.

Major measures that can be introduced in the lifestyle to help prevent the risk or manage it include proper dietary habits, proper levels of fitness, being active. Inclusion of these measures will not only prevent the body falling victim to cancer, but they will even help prevent the body being prone to other diseases like diabetes, cholesterol etc.

If observed in detail, the measures include: Protection from sun, which can be achieved by limiting the exposure, using hats, sunglasses and wearing lose clothes that cover the whole body. Sun rays contain UV radiations that are supposed to cause skin cancer; hence preventing those radiations can help prevent the disease.

Tobacco, the major contributor to cancer risk, if left, can help reduce the cases of lung cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer and many other types. Quit tobacco and be safe should be the motto.

The alcohol consumption should even be limited. According to sources, a woman should not have more than one drink a day and in case of men, the limit is up to two drinks max.

The diet is a major factor that leads to a healthy living; one should always go for healthy foods, rather than stuffing junk. This will not only help maintain the body weight but also prevents the body falling victim to many diseases.