Cosmetic Boss Who Earlier Adjudicated for PIP Implants Now Removing Her Own

Cosmetic Boss Who Earlier Adjudicated for PIP Implants Now Removing Her OwnCosmetic Surgery Boss Beryl Atkins should have listened to the song of Justin Timberlake “Whatever goes around comes around”. It is also a famous saying that you can deny anything, but the truth always comes around.

Till date, she had been constantly denying the PIP scandal and was stating that women are being taken onto a frenzy ride with the issue just being exaggerated a lot. Now, she has taken a U-turn and has announced that she herself would be removing her implants which she got last year. She has been constantly adjudicating that there is no evidence in UK that these PIP implants in question can rupture or even cause cancer. After being flooded with calls over the ban on these implants by the French Government, she remained adamant on her statement.

But now, she is admitting that after seeing rupture cases from her own eyes in her own operating theatre she has put herself on the waiting list to have her PIP implants removed as soon as a date becomes available.

The PIP implants were banned in 2010 after reports surfaced that they contain industrial grade silicone gel, rather than medical grade, and had an increased risk of rupturing. Although there were a lot of cases in France, Britain did not see much cases which is why health secretary Andrew Lansley told the women not to panic. He also advised the women not to make any hasty decision of removing these implants. Even, Beryl Atkins assured that she herself had PIP implants for five years and hadn’t faced any problems.

But, it seems that she had finally come to terms with the fact that these PIP implants are really hazardous and all the reports that were coming out were not exaggerated, which is why she has decided to remove her own implants.