Skin Cancer No More Limited To Older People, Even Younger Generation Getting Affected

Skin-CancerA new study has proposed that the number of melanoma cases is drastically rising amongst the younger generation. It is no more restricted to the older generation people.

During the study, the researchers examined the first time diagnoses records of melanoma patients in the age group between 18 and 39 from 1970 to 2009. The records were undertaken from all the patient care hospitals in Olmsted County, Minn.

The analysis showed that the melanoma cases recorded during the time period witnessed the cases of women increased by eightfold and that for men increased by fourfold. The findings truly emphasized that the skin cancer is no more limited to just old people but can be diagnosed in any age group.

Moreover, the findings of the study proved that the increases number of melanoma cases in women were administered due to the fact that the women were more active than men, even in those activities were they had a direct exposure to sun, which further increased their chances of skin cancer.

Moreover, it has been reported that while the number of cases administered in other types of cancer are declining in US, the number of cases registered for melanoma cancer are rising.

The researchers are not only worried about the exposure to sun but at the same time found tanning beds a major causative agent behind the rise of melanoma cases. Tanning beds are equipped with sunlamps, which are used by the people to acquire tanning or to get sufficient quantity of Vitamin D.

However, the tanning industry has totally opposed the allegations, which state that the tanning beds can cause skin cancer. The Indoor Tanning Association Executive Director, John Overstreet said, “There is no consensus among researchers regarding the relationship between melanoma skin cancer and UV exposure either from the sun or a sun bed”.

However, it has been over exposure to UV radiation can definitely cause skin cancer.