Cancer Stem Cell Treatment to be found in the time to come

Cancer-Stem-CellIt has been revealed recently that in the near future, there might be forms of bioweapons being used to give a tough fight to cancer. This will be in the form of using non-pathogenic viruses which might be able to treat a number of cancers in the time to come. This is because there are still many forms of cancer which cannot be treated even with the most modern techniques, because they don’t have a form of treatment, and they have their own limitations.

However this novel mode of treatment which is under development might be able to reach out to those cancer forms which weren’t treatable in the past.

There was a research conducted by Dr. Mark Tangney from the Cancer Research Centre situated at the Mercy Hospital, for making developments in the gene therapy which was initiated in the year 2008.

"This is a major breakthrough in immunotherapy research because we were able to use purified cancer stem cells to generate a vaccine, which strengthened the potency of antibodies and T cells that selectively targeted cancer stem cells”, said Qiao Li, Ph. D., a research Assistant Professor in the department of surgery from the University of Michigan.

It was further added that there is need for more research and development to be done in this regard so that those stem cells of cancer, which are resistant from radiotherapy and even chemotherapy, might be treated effectively with the help of it in the time to come. This needs to be done because there are thousands of patients all over the world, who are suffering from the disease, and looking for an appropriate cure for the same in the time to come. This shall definitely help them.