Honda Cars Recalled For Correction

HondaIt has been recently revealed in a report that the author giant Honda, has ordered a recall of as many as 554000 CRV and Pilot vehicles. This is being done after there have been complaints received about some problems with the headlights of the vehicle.

This recall has been done for replacing the parts of the headlight wiring system. It has specifically been done on models from the years 2003-04. It was done recently after the firm discovered how there was an error in the wiring of the past modes and this might become the reason for the low beam lights to become wrongly functioning. It was a potentially dangerous condition because the overheating of these wires might even lead to fire breaking out in the vehicle.

For now, there hasn’t been a report of any sort of injury or crash due to these faulty lights and the firm wants to be careful for the future as well, hence the recalls. The owners of the cars, with these specific details need to contact their dealers and get the required changes made, before they have to face any trouble due to the faulty lights in the time to come.