The BMI Scales Are Wrong

Body-Mass-IndexIt has been recently revealed in a report that the BMI, the Body Mass Index, that has been developed as a parameter for the right body weight according to one’s height is not actually working for the benefit of anyone. The study conducted in the U. S. is of the view that this is a very old formula or inferring the correct body weight of a person and this is why it is now totally outdated.

This is because it might be suggesting the wrong things for the body. It is categorizing the fat people as healthy and one just keeps satisfied that they don’t need to lose weight because they have the correct BMI.

It was said that the BMI doesn’t measure the body fat well, and this is why it is often incapable of being able to measure the ideal body weight of a person.

It was found that many of those people who were said to be of the ideal size according to their BMI, are actually dangerously fat. This is why there is need for more appropriate measures to be made for inferring the amount of body weight of a person. It is essential that

"Greater loss of muscle mass in women with age exacerbates the misclassification of BMI. A more appropriate cut-point for obesity with BMI is 24 for females and 28 for males”, said a team of researchers from the Weill Cornell Medical College and the New York University School of Medicine.

There is need for a more realistic parameter to be set for people for the measurement of their body weight. It is absolutely essential for one and all to maintain a healthy body weight in order to keep away from diseases.