New Drug Discovered That Could Subside the Side-Effects of Morphine

MorphineA new study has proposed that now people will not have to face the side-effect problem that they used to do earlier with the use of morphine.

During the analysis of the mechanism of morphine, it was discovered that morphine not only binds with opioid receptors, but it even binds to an immune receptor within the brain, due to which the patient consuming morphine has to even suffer the side-effects.

The team from the University of Adelaide and the University of Colorado are now busy discovering drugs that barricade the immune receptor, toll-like receptor four (TLR4)

The main concept behind developing such drugs is that they can be given with morphine, while morphine will help relief the pain, these drugs will bind to the TLR4, block it and hence, the side-effects encountered will be automatically minimized.

However, the major problem faced till now with administering these drugs with opioid drugs like morphine is that the amount of drug intake by the patients to obtain relief from pain will be increased substantially. So, in order to give both the drugs simultaneously it was suggested that the amount of the drug to block the immune receptor needs to be modified.

However, the study shows that if the immune receptor is blocked, then the amount of morphine to given for the pain relief needs to be not much, a small quantity will even work out.

Another issue that the researchers came across during the study was that patients develop a tolerance for morphine.

Dr. Mark Hutchinson Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide said, “So usually when we take morphine, you gradually have to increase the amount of drug over time to counteract the loss of action of the morphine. But this study is showing that you don't need to do that”. Moreover, the new drug is expected to be available in the market within three years.