Women Should Not Diet During Pregnancy

PregnancyA new study proposed that the mother’s behavior can lead to drastic changes in the genetic design of the offspring, which can further lead to problems like obesity and diabetes.

The new study has tried to put light on issues related to diabetes in twins and also explained that the consequences of dieting during pregnancy can lead to higher chances of the child being obese in its later years of life.

The study was carried out by analyzing the sheep. To further elaborate, the team overlooked twin pregnancies in sheep and even considered the case of those sheep that were given less food at the time they conceived.

Further, the brains of the unborn lambs were examined, to consider any changes in the DNA structure. It was being expected that the genes responsible for the intake of food and nutrients would have been altered.

The Study Author, Dr. Anne White said, “We found that unborn twin lambs had changes in the structure of DNA in the region of the brain that regulates food intake and glucose that resulted in an increased chance of diabetes in adulthood”.

The findings of the study proved that the changes in the genes were not inherited; rather, they were epigenetic changes, which can be just passed on by the mother to the offspring. This leads to alteration in the DNA sequence and even the associated proteins.

These alterations in the structure are the causative agents that can lead to diabetes in twins and obesity in child, when he grows up. The study shows that the results obtained from sheep stay true even for humans. Hence, to avoid these complications it is advisable that women at the time of conceiving and early pregnancy, eat healthy and well enough, and don’t diet during that particular period.