Google and Oracle Move To Court Over Patent Dispute

google-OracleThe dispute between Google and Oracle will now face trials in civil court as they failed to settle the disputes out of court, as told by a federal judge. The trial is scheduled to begin on April 16. Both the parties have failed to come to a mutual settlement despite the efforts of their respective counsel.

Northern California based oracle rejected the Google's offer of $3 million, stating that offer is too low to compensate for the damages. Google however also agreed to pay Oracle a less than percent cut of the revenue from android business.

Oracle in return claims that Google has rewritten Java computer programming language for its Android software, for which Oracle holds the patent since it has recently purchased Java inventor Sun Microsystems.

In reply, Google has denied the claim, stating that the company is entitled to use Java programming language since it’s an open-source Android operating system. Also, Google holds the right to use and release some of the source codes of Java, since Sun Microsystems before it was acquired by Oracle gave Google the permission to use the codes.

Oracle, which had bought the Java inventor Sun Microsystems, now claims Google for the damages and cost of using its Java language source codes which The Sun Microsystems had invented.