Wolfson Offers Economics Prize for Resolving Euro Zone Crisis

Wolfson Offers Economics Prize for Resolving Euro Zone CrisisIt has been found in a new report that Simon Wolfson, Chief Executive of the British Retailer Next, has recently offered a lucrative Wolfson Economics Prize, which according to him would be given to the one who gives best solution for the euro zone crisis.

According to the report findings, the one who would come with an attractive scenario for euro exit would be awarded with a sum of £250,000 by Wolfson. Since bonuses are rarely seen these days, it is being said that the award plan has created an issue.

Neil Record, a former Bank of England economist and founder of Record Currency Management, argued that the project would become weak if the euro zone breaks.

However, many people have come forward to participate in the same, 425 entries in all, and five finalist essays have already been announced on Tuesday. The report says that the entries also include an 11-year-old boy, a resident of Netherlands.

It is being said that such essays are never seen before. These represent distinctive ideas so that efforts are made to keep the euro zone intact.

The winner would be announced by July 5, the report reveals.