Potential Alcohol Abusers Ought To Get Checked By Dentists

DentistsAlcohol abuse has been on the top list of many health experts terming it to be a major cause of many health problems among people. There are many campaigns that have been undertaken in that matter, but none of them was able to put any major affect in the ongoing trend. Recently there were reports that teenagers starting from the age of 12 get indulge in this drinking out of which many go on to lead alcohol abuse throughout their life.

Now, a few researchers have devised out a plan that they think would help medical community a way to find potential patients of alcohol abuse. According to them, every patient visiting their dentist should be made to fill out a questionnaire before they could get any consultation in order to find the effect of alcohol on their lifestyle. There is a reason why they have picked dentists for this exercise. Due to the fact that people visit their dentists more often for regular checkups rather than their GPs whom they visit just when there is some health problems. In this way doctors can identify the potential alcohol abusers and help them to recover.

Alcohol has been known to cause a lot of dental problems such as oral cavities and even fatal diseases like cancers of the mouth, larynx, pharynx and esophagus. Excessive drinking also causes enamel layering on teethes to decay which once gone doesn’t come back. The dentists have a moral obligation towards society and they should look out for possible signs of mouth problems linked to drinking. By doing so they would ensure that people with the problem of excessive drinking are warned at an early stage of the oral predicaments that they might undergo in the longer run.