Bacterium Can Stop Dengue Fever Spread

dengueAs per recent reports, it has been revealed that researchers in Australia are busy with their experiments related to a bacterium which has long hindered the spread of dengue fever to humans through mosquitoes.

In this regard, Eliminate Dengue, a research organisation, initially discovered the effects of the Wolbachia bacteria on dengue fever during 2010.

It has long been introducing the said bacteria into the populations of mosquito of north Queensland ever since the year that went by.

The example of bacteria-infected mosquitoes has grown as high as 8% at Machans Beach and 3% at Babinda ever since the last March.

In this regard, Prof. Ary Hoffmann claimed that the researchers had been making use of the “wMelPop” strains of Wolbachia, which appears to be capable of spreading more and more slowly as compared to a new-flanged strain that had been released at Gordonsvale and Yorkeys Knob during the last year.

The new strain, as per researchers, is also having a comparatively higher rate of success when it comes to bringing a halt on the transference of dengue to humans via mosquitoes.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, along with mentioning what all pros and cons of the said strain, Prof. Hoffmann said: “The strain that we released last year seems to have spread more easily. It's certainly a strategy that has a huge potential to be implemented in countries where dengue is endemic”.

As per estimations released by the World Health Organisation, it has been presented that around 50 to 100mn people are infected with dengue fever each year.

Prof. Hoffmann has expressed expectations that the bacteria, which has a tendency of spreading from mother to offspring, can result in lowering this stat.