Elderly Woman Died After Being Left Unattended In Hospital Shower

ShowerThe people, especially the elderly folks, are admitted to hospital to make sure that they recover fast and proper care is given to them. But it seems the savior turned into a slayer. In a shocking incident, an elderly woman was left unattended in the hospital shower which led to her death. Jan Mary Proctor died after receiving serious burns of nearly two thirds of her body from the hot water when she was left unattended in the hospital shower.

The 56 years old lady was admitted to the hospital in 2008 after she had collapsed at her home several times injuring herself. She was also suffering from multiple illnesses alcoholic liver disease and her mobility was severely restricted by the time she was hospitalized, which is why she required assistance even to move.

The case of death due to negligence is being heard in the courts. According to the prosecutor, a nurse had taken Ms. Proctor to a shower as a regular procedure, but left her there unattended. After she came back 10 minutes later she found that the bathroom was filled with steam and Ms. Proctor’s skin was peeling from her chest and stomach due to burns. She was then moved to the burns unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where she died due to multi-organ failure.

This incidence has raised a lot of concern on the safety issues at the hospital, with the level of assistance being provided, and even alarms not working. The condition of the diseased patient was so worse that she couldn’t have even moved aside when hot water was showering over her as she needed assistance to move. Due to this fact she should not have left unattended even for a second and this is a serious case of negligence on the part of the nurse as well as hospital.