Nokia Oyj to Launch Lumia 900 in the US

NokiaIt has been reported that Nokia Oyj is planning to regain a momentum in the markets of the US by releasing a new smartphone. The future of Nokia Oyj in the US would be determined by the sale records of Lumia 900 which would be made available for the American customers by the end of this week.

The Lumia 900 runs on Microsoft Corp’s Windows Phone software. It is expected that the smartphone would become available for purchase on the 8th of April. However, doubts over success of the smartphone have already begun to cast.

Matthew Thornton, an analyst at Avian, was reported as saying: “The Nokia brand, while I think it’s still known here, lags Apple and even Samsung. I don’t see the phone becoming a hit”. However, other analysts are of the view that the launch of the smartphone would help Nokia in establishing its identity once again in the markets of the US.

The markets of the US are popular for iPhone and therefore almost each and every vendor wishes to have the place in the markets of the US. As the iPhone of Apple has already swayed the heart of millions in America, the chances of success of Nokia Oyj in the US market is minimum.