Fizzy Drinks Raise Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

DrinksAs per a research being taken out by a group of researchers from the University of Sydney, it has been revealed that children who drinks soda drinks in excess are at an increased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in their later lives.

Arteries present at the back of the eyes start narrowing down, which is the key way to know that children are being affected with the additional intake of fizzy drinks. Lead researcher Bamini Gopinath was of the view that in order to reach at the above given conclusion, they assessed the eyesight of 2,000 children, who aged 12 years.

They found that constriction in the arteries occurs due to excessive intake of soda drinks. Gopinath said that their research is another example to focus on a point that children should take healthy diet. “This is just another piece of evidence to show that fizzy drinks really aren't that good for our children”, said Gopinath.

He further affirmed that it is not the first study, which has talked about the ill effects of having junk food. However, it is the first study, which has focused on a specific fast food item that is fizzy drinks. Many other researches will be needed to raise awareness among people that fizzy drinks are bad for health.