Self Control Necessary for Humans and Dogs, Say Researchers

DogHave you ever wondered why dogs are regarded as man’s best friend? Recently, the scientists of University of Lille Nord de France have put efforts in finding a solution of the question. It has been found that dogs often get aggressive when they run out of self control.

Similar is the case with men. Men often get aggressive and violent if they are not made aware of the expected social manners. While writing in the journal Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, the researchers noted: “When humans are depleted, they are less helpful, more aggressive, gamble more, etc”.

The researchers conducted a small experiment over 10 family-owned dogs. Self control is believed to be power in itself as it avoids us from falling into the traps of impulsive activities. The link revealed between dogs and humans hold value.

Men and dogs are taught from the beginning of their life as to how they have to behave in the society as they both have the tendency of getting impulsive and aggressive. The findings of the research should be taken as advisory note by the families who own dogs. It necessary to taught dogs about self control as their aggressive behavior could prove harmful for kids in the house.