Move To Cut 630 Beds from Fair Deal Raises Criticism

BedsThere has been a huge outcry after 630 private beds were cut short from the fair deal nursing home. According to some experts, it would create a huge shortage overall as people especially elders would have to wait for longer period for placements.

Tadhg Daly, Chief Executive of the organization has categorically condemned this move, stating that they were really angry with the decision. According to him, the minister for Health, James Reilly had broken his promise and commitments he had made in the budget.

Till date, there have been 130 private nursing home beds that have been cut from the nursing home and each month, till August there would be 100 more slashed. These cutbacks come in the wake of commitment by Health minister that there would be an additional €55 million allotted to the fair deal scheme.

The main motive of this cut was to relive the pressure of funds, as it is expected that €13 million would be saved from it, which would be diverted to other care services aimed at elderly patients experiencing delays in discharge from acute hospitals. But that would not solve the problem, as the vacuum create by the cuts would not be filled by this.