67 years old Man with Half His Age Wife Becomes Father

Malcolm-LawrenceIt has been revealed in a report recently that a man, 67, with his wife nearly half of his age, has successfully become the father of a newborn child.

As per the findings, Malcolm Lawrence is a retired nurse, who fell in love with her wife at 55. Ann-Marie was merely 19 years old then and both of them married in their home town of Bridgend, South Wales, 11 years ago.

The report has found that the couple was trying to have a baby since long but, was unable to conceive one naturally. It is being said that Malcolm underwent bladder operation 30 years ago, which was causing trouble for the couple to have a 7lb baby daughter named Cerys-May.

However, the IVF procedure was known to the couple, Ann-Marie was too young then to go through the procedure. It is thus that their desire to conceive a baby remained unfulfilled for years and they faced a long delay for the love of a baby of their own.

While they were not able to undergo IVF procedure, Malcolm gave a sperm sample to medic, which was frozen for a period of 10 years. Following the same, both of them started the course last year on the NHS, which helped Marie to become pregnant for the first time.

The couple was extremely happy when it saw its child and has now been planning to have the same procedure for a second baby as well. However, Malcom’s old age and 12 heart attacks over years have made him weak. He claims that he is strong enough as he has given his wife the world’s best gift.

"I’m happy to have a daughter. People may criticize but Cerys-May will have all the love in the world”, says Ann-Marie.