Thousands of Children Starving On London Streets

LondonA new research has proposed that the rate of children going hungry in London has drastically increased and is also further, increasing.

A children’s charity, Kids Company, who conducted this survey found that more than 2,000 kids every week, would not have had their main meal, if the charity won’t have come forward and fed them.

Moreover, it was discovered that in almost 50% of the primary schools, children are not provided with their evening meals, and thus, they have to sleep without eating food.

Rather more, investigations carried out proved that more than 1,000 of children don’t get food in London. It is being expected that if the scenario doesn’t change, the number is estimated to rise to 10,000.

The major reason subjected behind these kids going hungry and starving is that the parents are not up to the mark, they are so poor that they are unable to fetch meals for them.

The doctors have warned that many cases have been registered of rickets in children, the disease which is caused due to malnutrition. Moreover, the number of children affected has risen to high numbers and is estimated to raise more if the kids are not provided with enough food to eat.

Camila Batmanghelidjh, the Founder and Chief Executive of Kids Company, said, “We see 70 new cases of children who self-refer every week, a third of whom need to eat immediately”.

Batmanghelidjh affirmed that it’s very hard at times to cope up with the situation, but we are trying hard that we do the best to provide food to these children, many of which are severely underweight and malnourished. Moreover, it is very hard for these kids to face a situation like this, where they don’t get even a single time meal.

However, the Department of Health asserted that it is trying to provide the maximum help to raise the families who are very poor.