Illegal Organ Trade causing Concerns in China

Illegal Organ Trade causing Concerns in ChinaThe incidences of illegal kidney transplant have caused a stir in China. It has been reported that a 17 years old boy sold his kidney to buy high tech gadget iPhone and iPad of Apple. The craze for the gadgets pushed the boy to put his life at stake. The boy with surname Wang has informed that he was offered 3,000 dollars for his kidney. It has further come to light that the boy fell into the trap of illegal trade through an online chat room.

The mother of the boy came to know about the horrendous activity when she asked him as from where he got the expensive gadgets. The boy told his mother the complete story and also showed document in which the name of the place where the operation was conducted and the surgeons who were involved in the surgery.

The incidence took place in 2011. The group of surgeons who conducted the operation has been caught. It has come to light that they received a total sum of 35,000 dollars for the kidney transplant.

The group is now facing charges for causing harm to the boy and for promoting illegal organ trading. The group consists of five people in total. It has further come to light that the boy who took the step of selling his kidney is now suffering with renal deficiency.

China brought a ban over the trade of organ in 2007. Still, there are some who are fearlessly performing illegal organ trade. The government needs to take serious action to make sure that mischievous people are not allowed to play with the lives of innocent people. The health of 17 years old boy is deteriorating as the surgeons who performed the transplant have not used proper medical equipments.