Researchers Aim to Fertilize Human Egg Cells

Researchers Aim to Fertilize Human Egg CellsIt has been revealed in a recent report that a team of scientists at Edinburgh University has been working in collaboration with another team at Harvard Medical School in Boston, US, in order to find out a way to fertilize human eggs from stem cells.

As per the findings of the report, the team's purpose for the creation of eggs is most probably to make human eggs available to those women, who find difficulty in having a baby in their later life. The collaboration has told that the aim is to utilize stem cells isolated from human ovarian tissue.

While some scientists were of the belief that elixir of youth was likely to be produced that could eliminate the menopause, previous reports have revealed, thereby allowing older women to hold their youthful health. It is now being said that unlimited supply of human eggs could assist such women to conceive children.

It has been told by the teams that they have been thinking of fertilizing the eggs with human sperm so as to determine if they are viable. The research and fertilization is being hoped by the researchers to be completed this year only.

"If you can show you can get ovarian stem cells from the human ovary you then have the potential to do more for fertility preservation", said Dr Evelyn Telfer, a biologist. The researchers have been anticipating that the fertilization of eggs might prove to be helpful in revolution of fertility treatment as well as may allow reversal of the menopause in older women.

The association of researchers has affirmed that the task in case is accomplished, would not be used for transplantation of eggs into a human womb. Rather, the findings would be used for studying for the legal limit of 14 days.