Odwalla Recalling Its Chocolate Protein Drink

ChocolateRecently, four customers of Odwalla Chocolate Protein Monster beverage who were already having allergy from peanuts experienced a severe allergic reaction after consuming the soy and milk drink. Upon knowing this, the Odwalla Inc. is voluntarily recalling its beverage back.

It was on Thursday, when the Coca-Cola-owned company announced its recall of 12-ounce and 32-ounce bottles from all over the nation. All these bottles were to be used till May 23, 2012.

The release said, "To date, four consumers have contacted Odwalla to report allergic reactions after drinking the product. These four consumers are not known to be allergic to soy and milk but report being allergic to peanuts and/or tree nuts".

To serve the customers better with a large variety of this drink, the 12-ounce bottles were also made available at Costco stores in a variety of packs.

According to the company owners, all those suffering from peanut allergy or some other tree nut allergy should avoid taking this beverage because it can result into a risk of serious or lethal reaction. However, the investigation for determining the cause of these allergic reactions is still going on by Odwalla. They are coordinating with the FDA to find out the facts behind the occurrence of such reactions, because this Chocolate Protein Monster beverage neither included peanut nor some other tree nut ingredients.