Skin Cancer Cases Rising Drastically Amongst Young

Skin-CancerA recent news has emphasized on the fact that the number of cases encountered regarding Melanoma are increasing. Moreover, it has been uncovered that the cases have majority of adolescents and young adults.

It has been discussed since decades that direct exposure to sunlight and even tanning are major causative agents behind skin cancer. For ages, it has been considered that sun rays contain harmful rays, UV rays, which if have direct contact with the skin can lead to skin cancer.

Above all, tanning, the new technique deployed by residents today to get their skins tanned, can lead up to 10 to 15 times more adverse effects than those produced by UV radiations from sun. It has been discovered that tanning beds emit 10 to 15 times more UV radiation.

A study conducted to reach out to the cases of melanoma administered between 1970 and 2009, shows that the skin cancer cases have increased by eightfold amongst the females ranging between the ages of 18 to 39 and fourfold amongst the men of the same age group, living in Olmstead County, Minn.

The lead author of the study and Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Jerry D. Brewer, MD, affirmed that the findings of the study confirmed that the rise in the cases, has concluded that the women are the ones who are most affected by the disease.

He emphasized that the major cause behind the rise is due to the increased use of tanning beds these days. He asserted that these tanning beds emit more dangerous UV radiations.

He said, “There is no such thing as a healthy tan, because you can’t get tanned without damaging your skin first. The damage makes you more likely to get skin cancer later in life”.

However, to reduce the rate regulations have been passed at the state and local level that children below the age of 18 have to get consent from their parents to use tanning beds.