Controversies Brooding Over a Biologist Who Fathered 600 Babies

BabiesArtificial insemination has swayed the hearts of millions as the procedure allows couples to have babies. However, recently it has been revealed that a biologist who ran a fertility clinic in 1940 had fathered as many as 600 children.

The controversial Biologist, Bertold Wiesner, together with his wife Mary Barton launched the fertility clinic in 1940. During the tenure of the fertility clinic, the biologist and his wife helped 1,500 families in having a baby through artificial insemination.

Two men born with the help of Biologist’s sperm recently discovered their biological father through the help of DNA tests. It has been revealed that the documentary film-maker Barry Stevens of Canada and London based barrister, David Gollancz are two sons of the biologists.

Bertold Wiesner’s donated sperm resulted into 600 babies. The wife of Bertold Wiesner destroyed all the medical records and therefore the other children born by the donated sperm of Bertold Wiesner can’t be spotted. However, through DNA tests it can be gauged as to who is the true biological parent of a child.

David Gollancz conducted a research which made him to say that his biological father was donating his sperm regularly in the clinic from 1940 to 1960. In a similar report it has been revealed that a neuro-chemist Derek Richter has fathered 100 children through sperm donation.

The Chairman of the British Fertility Society, Allan Pacey, has raised doubts over the estimation of David Gollancz. Allan Pacey has raised doubts over the assertion that a person could have fathered 600 babies. However, there are a few who think that the Biologist cheated his wife by lying about the where about of the donated sperms. It is believed that the Biologist gave the donated his own sperm to his wife for clinical use by saying that someone has donated them.