Victorian Nurses Begin Action

NursesIt has been recently revealed in a report that the Victorian nurses have now planned to increase their industrial action regarding the long going dispute about their salaries with the authorities. They have long tried to keep is calm and try and solve out issues between them and the authorities, but there has been no result seen out of it. This is why they shall now put in efforts to increase industrial action against the authorities to get their demands fulfilled.

They have planned to go for two hour work hat, that too twice a day, in hospitals across Victoria. For the same, clinical support staff, mental health physicians and psychiatric nurses have joined hands.

This type of work halt is planned for the next 23 days to come. The stat government hasn’t been able to give solutions to their problems since the past 7 months and this is why the staff has now resorted to measures like these.

It was revealed by the Health and Community Services Union State Secretary Lloyd Williams that they have no option left, but to continue this industrial action. This is because there is need for efforts to be made towards making the government realize the suffering of the staff.

"We have been forced into this position because the government is not interested in mental health or having real negotiations with workers. Our members don't take industrial action lightly and we stress patient safety will remain our number one priority during these stoppages”, said Williams

It remains to be seen what the government has to say to this enhanced action and whether it shall make any positive changes for helping the staff. There might have to be problems borne by the patients due to this industrial action.