Flu Virus A Taking Its Toll in a Donegal Nursing Home

Flu Virus A Taking Its Toll in a Donegal Nursing HomeIt has been revealed by the Health Service Executive (HSE) that a deadly strain of bug which has led to the death of six patients in a Donegal nursing home has led to death of one more patient. The HSE has warned that if control over the spread of the bug is not established at the right time then it could lead to death of many more innocent lives.

It has been informed that the seventh person who has become the victim of the flu virus A (H3) was earlier admitted to Nazareth House private nursing home, Fahan and later was transferred to Letterkenny General Hospital.

Earlier, the staff of the nursing home was not aware of the patient being affected with virus. Medical intervention made them to realize that the virus has led to the death of the poor person. The seventh victim of the virus has not showed any symptom of being affected with virus because of which the person succumbed to death prematurely.

The HSE has informed that after the 4th of April no case of virus has been diagnosed or reported at the nursing home. The first death in the nursing home was reported on the 22nd of March. Others of 29th of March, 31st of March, 1st and 2nd April.

The outbreak of the flu was brought into the notice of the HSE by the GPs. Following the increased incidences of death cases because of the virus outbreak, the Irish Patients Association has asked the Health Ministry to bring in effective measures to get rid of the virus.

The HSE in a statement was reported as saying, "All residents in the nursing home are currently receiving either active or preventative treatment. The HSE North West Public Health team, including medical doctors, nurses and surveillance scientists, continues to closely manage and monitor the situation".