Personal Commuting Maestro Jack Tramiel Passes Away

Personal Commuting Maestro Jack Tramiel Passes AwayIt has been recently revealed that Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International and known personality in personal computing world and former CEO of Atari International, passed away at the age of 83. Tramiel’s family confirmed his demise.

Tramiel was the first person, who advocated that computers should be made for masses and not for classes. He was also the one, who developed a new line of economic home computers and the computers were the most sold out gadgets of that time.

He was born in Poland on December 13, 1928, and was sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp at the time when Germany invaded Poland during Second World War. Tramiel in November 1947 moved to the United States and there he opened an office machinery repair shop.

The small shop later transformed into a company known as Commodore International, which started building typewriters and then gradually moved on to develop calculators and then computers.

Tramiel got huge success, but he once said in an interview that he will be more than happy if people do not know him. At the same even, he was found to be saying that gadget market is one of those places where nothing remains static.