Anonymous Disrupts 2 Websites

Anonymous Disrupts 2 WebsitesAs per recent reports, it has been found that Anonymous, a hacking group, has taken the full responsibility for attacking the two technology trade association websites, US Telecom and TechAmerica.

The hacking group said that they have not attacked the websites without reason and have done it as both these websites were supporting a bill, which deals with cyber-security. It has been found that the attack was taken out yesterday when users started complaining that they were unable to log into the websites.

Some of the telecom companies being represented by the US Telecom are AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink and TechAmerica's includes members like IBM, Microsoft, and Apple. As soon as politicians got to know about the issue, they were of the view that the Cybersecurity bill will be introduced and that too as soon as possible.

It will help the private sector to remain safe from hackers like Anonymous and will also save them from advanced cyber threats. "These types of strong-arm tactics have no place in the critical discussions our country needs to be having about our cybersecurity, they just underscore the importance of them”, said TechAmerica President Shawn Osborne. Both the websites said that their engineer teams have been working to restore the websites.