Google Places Work of Famous Photographer Muybridge on Its Home Page

Google Places Work of Famous Photographer Muybridge on Its Home PageAs per recent reports, Google celebrated the 182nd birth anniversary of Eadweard j. Muybridge, the innovative British photographer, by placing images of race horse on its home page.

The animation that the Google showcased on its home page depicted Muybridge’s the horse in motion; the video was shot by the photographer in 1870 at former California Governor Leland Stanford’s stable.

The British photographer took photographs of galloping mare to determine that whether all hooves simultaneously came up the ground and also off the ground. The moves of the horse at that time were considered to be mysterious. But the efforts put in by the photographer were much more than a person could applaud for; it was the first time that such elegant shots of a race horse were clicked.

Muybridge’s creation led to the development of motion pictures.

However, the footage even raised several questions regarding the movement of the horse. And Muybridge was chosen responsible of answering the questions being put forth.

Later on, reports depict that the works of the photographer were not well acknowledged by Stanford, they did publish his The Horse in Motion, but the credits were not given to him.

But, this couldn’t stop Muybridge from working further on development of footages of other animals’ motion.