An Easy and Effective Way of Detecting Early Symptoms of Heart Diseases

Heart-DiseasesFor the very first time, a few Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have developed an eye test with the help of which early symptoms of heart disease could be detected. According to this panel of experts, this eye test will help in scanning blood vessels in the eyes which further will reveal out if there is some change in the width of blood vessels or if there exists some unusual branch vessel. For performing this test, the researchers will take high definition images of the patients’ retina.

In order to confirm the reliability of this test, the scientists are all set to launch a new study during which they will be examining around more than 1,000 patients.

With the success of this eye test, doctors will then get an easy and better way of detecting heart diseases and that too without causing pain or difficulty to the patients by carrying out insidious procedures such as biopsies.

As told by Dr. Tom MacGillivray, "We know that problems in the eye are linked to conditions such as diabetes and that abnormalities in the eyes’ blood vessels can also indicate vascular problems in the brain. If we can identify early problems in the blood vessels in the eyes we might potentially pinpoint signs of heart disease”.

The early detection of heart diseases will help in amending the lifestyles of the affected people and certain preventive therapies will also be given to them; all this together will help in saving the lives of such people.

The CRIC (Clinical Research Imaging Centre) is the mind behind this project and it also includes the University of Dundee, NHS Lothian’s Princess Alexandra Eye Pavillion, Ninewells Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. With the triumph of this simple eye test, many lives could be saved every year.