Fake Volunteers Make Their Way through Meals on Wheels

Meals-on-WheelsAs per recent reports, South Australian police has released high alerts against fake volunteers of the Meals on Wheels program. The program was initiated to offer elderly people hot meals at their door step, so that they remain at home and enjoy hot and delicious food without being troubled.

However, a few people have taken an undue advantage of this service. They are claiming to be volunteers of the services, but in actual, they are scammers and are carrying out such foul plays to attain access to the house of these elderly people.

It has been reported that this week, a case was registered by an elderly woman that a female claiming to be a volunteer asked her to use the toilet, in order to gain access to the home of that elderly woman.

A similar case was reported when a man who posed to be a volunteer tried to enter the house of an elderly client, but couldn’t achieve the goal, as he was turned away.

The CEO of Meals on Wheels, Sharyn Broer, has requested the elderly people to be very careful. He asserted that the people in any case, should not permit any of the volunteers to enter their homes.

He emphasized that, however, no harm was done to the old lady in whose home the volunteer entered, moreover, nothing was stolen, but still this doesn’t mean that the people can forget it and be calm, instead now they have to be alert.

On the other hand, the police officials are carrying out investigations into the cases.

Sergeant Natalie Warburton, said, “Police are already investigating reports of bogus Meals on Wheels volunteers, reportedly knocking on doors asking clients for money”.

She asserted that the people should not allow volunteers to enter their homes at all, for their safety.