Planned Parenthood Lashes out At Gov Rick Perry

Planned Parenthood Lashes out At Gov Rick PerryA group of eight Planned Parenthood chapters has come out fully and slammed Gov. Rick Perry, by filing a suit to block the State of Texas from cutting off access to Planned Parenthood clinics. There has been a war brewing between Gov. Rick Perry and Planned Parenthood ever since he refused to comply with federal law, which prohibited discrimination against the Medicare funded Planned Parenthood program. This had earlier led to dismissal of federally funded Women's health program.

According to the petitioners, it is just another pressure tactics to silence the individuals and groups who support abortion rights. Rather than targeting the banned organization which is affiliated with abortion providers, it is affecting organizations like the Planned Parenthood plaintiffs, which do not provide abortions. Under the new law, it would be mandatory for any organization or group which is reviving state or federal funding to exempt it from clinics that perform abortions. Those who are found in violation would not receive any further funding.

Pete Shenkken, the Attorney representing the plaintiff was pretty categorical in stating that the government cannot put conditions on the participation of a particular group in health services. According to him, it is a pure case of violation of freedom of speech.