B.C. First Nation Proposes New Private Hospital Project

B.C. First Nation Proposes New Private Hospital ProjectAll those willing to pay for a private treatment can soon get served with the services of a private hospital because B. C.'s Westbank First Nation proposes a similar project.

Reports are confirming that B. C. First Nation is proposing plans for building a $120-million private hospital on its reserve in the Okanagan.

Confirming the new proposals, Chief Robert Louie said that the new facility will serve patients with 100 beds and the services from the facility will not operate inside Canada's Medicare system.

So, if you are also willing to pay for a private treatment, you will soon have a big medical facility and its services to take care of your needs.

Facts revealing a big population of Canadians approaching medical facilities outside the country to get the best treatment to their illnesses are being considered as the main factors behind the new proposal of the big medical hospital, Louie confirms.

"If they are desperate to receive that and they can't afford to wait because of medical reasons or various other reasons, they will leave the country and that is exactly what people in Canada are doing", said Louie.

According to plans and designs of the new proposal, the hospital is believed to be well facilitated to offer several procedures like elective heart surgery etc. But emergency services, obstetric or psychiatric care are not included in the facility's list of services.

Hopes are higher that the new facility will generate 300 jobs. The project is being expected to start this year only.

Prior forwarding the plans to ministry for their comments, stating legality of projects, B. C.'s Ministry of Health will be thoroughly seeing details of the hospital from the Westbank First Nation.