Women Make New Victory Over Men

womenFinally it seems women have won at least one battle in this so-called male chauvinistic world. The battle of the sexes will definitely never end but findings from experts are claiming women as winner in their recent ran survey to check which sex is more moral than other. The women are more moral than men, say researchers in their findings.

The above results are the outcome of the four-years-long run study by ethics expert Professor Roger Steare, Corporate Philosopher in Residence at the Cass Business School in London.

Reports are confirming that the professor had been working since four long years on his project. He had studied almost 60,000 volunteers and their behavior prior revealing his findings upon which sex is more moral than the other.

Hearing that women and the over-30s have higher values than the opposite sex has claimed a big win for women over their opposite sex males.

Regarding the findings of his study, he said that “Women prefer to make their decisions based on how it impacts others, which tends to produce better decisions. Men have a more individual approach and are more self-interested.”

Researcher’s statements explained that females and their decisions are always based upon feelings of others like their partners, children, friends, colleagues etc. Very few instances occur when female serves their own needs first.

The second important factor that the researcher studied was the wisdom that he noted increasing with age in both sexes. Prof Steare said that with increasing age people tends to become more inclined towards taking the most fair decisions and following morality.

“The real findings of this survey are that the women are better at telling porkies during pointless questionnaires”, adds Prof. Steare.