Poor Cancer Survival Rates of Maoris Population Causing Concern

Poor Cancer Survival Rates of Maoris Population Causing ConcernIt has been reported that cancer survival rate in Maori is quite low as compared to other communities of New Zealand. Maori Party has asked the authorities to come up with better and effective strategies to deal with poor cancer survival rate.

In a recent study, the researchers of University of Otago found that about 29% of the cancer patients in the Maori are succumbing to because of less effective care and health services. The co-leader of Maori Party, Tariana Turia was reported as saying, "It's about injustice - inequalities occur when Maori don't get screened or referred to treatment early enough. Increasing Maori participation in cancer screening is an important way to address cancer inequalities and more needs to be done".

While showing the statistics released by the Health Ministry, Mrs. Turia said that Maori people are at higher risk of being affected with lung cancer. She said that the chances of Maori women of being affected with lung cancer are higher as compared to the Maori men.

It has been reported that an anti smoking program has been launched in the Maori which would be headed by Mrs. Turia. Reasons behind poor survival rate have not been highlighted by the researchers of University of Otago.

However, it is believed that delayed diagnosis and poor awareness is contributing in the poor survival rates. Emphasizes should be laid over bring awareness about early diagnosis. Besides, government should also put efforts in making sure that the population of Maoris does take part in the annual cancer screening.

It is hoped that adequate efforts would be taken to ensure healthy life of Maoris population. Cancer is deadly disease which takes toll over millions of life every year.