Overheating Could be Hazardous for Babies

Overheating Could be Hazardous for BabiesOverheating could actually be dangerous for babies as two children in just one week have succumbed to death because of the syndrome. An inquest called over the mysterious and sudden death of the babies has found that overheating of environment contributed to the death of the babies.

In one case the room were baby was sleeping was found to have a temperature of 25C which was not at all conducive for the baby and thus the baby died. In yet another case, the temperature of the room was set at 20C which was also dangerous for the baby.

Joseph James Batchelor-Smith and Chesara Anna-Rose McMurdo are the two babies who have become the victim of overheating. Coroner David Crerar investigated the two cases and has issued warnings to the parents asking them to keep in mind the right room temperature for the babies

While investigating Joseph's case, the Coroner David Crerar noted, "I suspect it was somewhat higher than 25 degrees.. here needed to be a better understanding of what temperature a baby should sleep in".

Similarly, while investigating Chesara's case, the Coroner found that contrary to what the mother of Chesara told the room temperature was at 30C. The mother of Chesara, Taryn Latchford informed that she set the temperature at
20C before putting the baby to sleep. However, Latchford further informed that normally she kept the room temperature somewhere at 18C and 24C. But if the heat pump is shut down and restarted then it automatically jumps to 30C.

The parents have been asked to keep a tab over the heat devices as high temperature could affect the health of the babies. Chesara and Joseph succumbed to death in 2010.