K.E. Diet Grabs Attention of New Would-Be Brides

K.E. Diet Grabs Attention of New Would-Be BridesThe diet which is being criticized by diet columnists, is getting thumbs up from new would-be brides. These days the K. E. diet is being taken by brides, who want to lose weight. The 10-day diet costs $1,500 and has to be taken under doctor's guidance.

A food pipe is inserted in the nose, which supplies essential nutrients to the body. It provides 800 calories per day and is being bought by almost all obese brides, so that they can look pretty on their wedding day.

It has been found that the diet also has a negative effect, and it takes 15 minutes more to digest the food. Experts are of the view that it takes more time for the stomach to digest the food being supplied through the food pipe.

One of the patients, who have been suffering from partial stomach paralysis, also took food through the same procedure. Cheyenne Orndorff said that she has been suffering from a rare digestive condition called Gastroparesis, and finds it quite surprising that girls are going mad to have this food pipe.

She shared her personal experience and was of the view that it feels really disgusting to have a food pipe passing through nose. It even pains a lot, but she has no other option. She further affirmed that she cannot understand that why normal girls have to do it at the time when so many other options are there to lose weight.

Diet critics said that girls can go for quick-fix weight loss methods, like aggressive workouts, juice cleanses, and salad diet. There is no need to undergo this method, which poses a lot of health complications for body.