‘Draw Something’ to Be Updated

‘Draw Something’ to Be UpdatedIt has been reported that game called `Draw Something' would soon receive updates as the maker of the game, OMGPOP, is trying to meet with the growing demand and market competition. There are a few who believe that the `Draw Something' is more popular then the Angry Bird application.

The application `Draw Something' was recently purchased by Zynga. Zynga purchased the application for $200 million.  It has been informed that the game had few annoying features which are required to be addressed so that the growing demand of the game could be met with.

At present, the creator of the game is working towards bringing the improvement. The users of `Draw Something' would have to wait for a while to experience the changes.  It has been informed that players of the game would be allowed to attach a short message with the drawing and would also be able to save drawings.

The Zynga is hopeful that changes thus brought in the game would encourage new players to try their hands on the game.  It has further come to light that Zynga has launched one of the updated versions of the Draw Something. However, more updates would be brought in the game.